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Play in one act by Pasquale M Palmieri

Five individuals find themselves in a waiting room coming in from different doors, unaware of what and who is expecting them on the other side.

As each character's story unfolds, the play challenges the perceptions and beliefs hiding behind their common world of illusion..


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Play in two acts by Pasquale M Palmieri

Fictitious court case of a man who takes his EGO to court in order to obtain a permanent restraining order.

The play is set in an imaginary courtroom in the town of Pukkasbourgh, somewhere on our globalised planet.

The characters on stage are the man himself, his lawyer, the EGO's lawyer, a courtroom clerk, an old judge, three witnesses and a nine-person jury (formed by volunteers from the audience) who will determine the final virdict, in favour or against the restraining order.


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Play in two acts by Pasquale M Palmieri

Alias the most idiotic play ever written.

Seven actors arrive at the theatre for an 8.00pm sharp rehearsal of a Molière play, but the director doesn't show up. They decide to start rehearsing anyway and eventually improvise short gigs about several "bloopers" they find in the way we have organised our life in the Western World, spanning from relationships and the creation, as explained by science and religion, to finance and politics.


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Florence 0.9

Play in two acts by Pasquale M Palmieri

Florence, is a teenage girl whose life is shattered by her parents' divorce. The number 0.9, as in software development, refers to "work in progress"  made available as a Beta trial version - not ready as a 1.0 first full release.

Florence's ordeal begins with a sour turn in her parents' relationship, leading to their dramatic separation and divorce. The play undresses three lives irremediably splintered, exposing the alternation of feel good moments with sad tugs at the heart.


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The Voyage Out

Play in three acts by Pasquale M Palmieri

The return journey of the Orion spaceship to the Earth's colonies on Mars in a world of the foreseeable future, where digital corporations run the planet, every tech gadget's name is preceded by the low case letter "i" and anything AI involved with the World Government by the word "cyb". A mysterious turmoil is agitating the settlers in the colonies and four special women are sent to Mars with separate briefs to investigate and report, but something unexpected is discovered finally unveiling the true secret hiding behind the mission.


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